Sunday, 1 February 2015


After your physical appearance and speech the interviewer forward to important aspects like Education,Intelligence,Progress and Experience.
Your application shows the degrees acquired,in what field; the grades obtained, prizes won and extra courses done.But the interviewer will try to find out the scope and some basics of the subjects covered.If the job is technical then the questioning will be deeper and conducted by a technically competent interviewer. 
The intelligence is normally based on replies you give to various questions.But in some situation IQ tests are conducted for the candidates.IQ tests never create panic in the candidates. It should be conducted only by trained psychologists.IQ tests are only indicators and not a final ranking test.
Some interviewers wants to see the progress you have made in his working career.Some candidates seem to either regress or remain stagnant over a long period of time and they have explanation for it.The fail to meet this criterion for progress.
Many interviewer's will try to find out the area of your experience-what you have learnt and what you have not learnt yet.Of course, if you have just come out of college and had no previous work experience, then this part of interview becomes superfluous.

Friday, 5 July 2013

How to win race of interview ?

Want to win race of interview

1. Reach the center in time and wait quietly for your chance.

2. Be concise and spontaneous in your reaction.

3. Present the required matter in an unified way.

4. Be mature with your viewpoint.

5. Listen carefully to the interviewer's question.

6. Speech in a conversational style.

7. Be sincere in presenting your ideas and experiences.

8. Be careful that your body language does not show any sign of odd like playing with keys and pens in pocket, raising the eyebrows, blinking the eyes, bad movements of hands, shaking the hands, etc.

Following Precautions:-
  • Do not express excessive details about the topic.
  • Be careful about showing your emotions.
  • Do not express irrelevant details about your topic.